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Preventive Medicine Residency

The Texas Institute for Graduate Medical Education and Research (TIGMER) and the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIWSOM) are in the process of developing a new Preventive Medicine Residency Program. This will be the first residency of its kind in San Antonio and we hope to launch the program in July 2020. We will NOT be participating in the current Match and will not be taking residents in 2019.

What is a Preventive Medicine Residency?
Preventive Medicine is a specialty that links clinical medicine with medical management, research, and population health. Our program, residents, and graduates focus on health promotion and modifying or eliminating the risks of disease, injury, disability, and death. Our residents are exposed to preventive medicine, and research through public health, occupational medicine, clinical medicine, informatics, policy development, academic medicine, international medicine, and research.
You can learn more about preventive medicine residencies by visiting the American College of Preventive Medicine's website !
Preventive Medicine/Master's in Public Health
Development Team
  1. Program Director
    Vince Fonseca, MD MPH
  2. Associate Program Director
    Erica Frank, MD MPH
  3. MPH Director
    Thomas Schlenker, MD MPH
  4. Faculty
    Anil Mangla, PHD MPH
  5. Faculty
    Sharon Gustowski, DO MPH
  6. Faculty
    Blandine Bustamante, MD MPH
  7. Faculty
    Kevin Kalinowski, PHD MPH
  8. Founding Dean, UIWSOM
    Robyn Madson, DO MPH
  9. Associate Dean for GME
    Thomas Mohr, MS DO